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Cooperation with the economy and the community

Despite the challenging economic environment, currently facing a serious structural and financial crisis, the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka seeks to intensify its activities in the establishment and development of co-operation with the economy, the public and civil sectors.

This cooperation, regardless of its objectively reduced intensity, is significant due to the multiple positive effects it brings. It should ensure:

  • the implementation of scientific knowledge into practice
  • the creation of conditions enabling further acquisition and deepening of practical knowledge and competencies of the teaching staff and students
  • The recognition of the Faculty and its proactive role within the community.

The Faculty’s cooperation with the economy has different modalities which include:

  • Providing research and development services
  • Conducting expert studies and analyses
  • Organizing educational and training activities (lectures, workshops, seminars, courses ...)
  • Providing for student internships
  • Engaging eminent practitioners into the teaching process and professional training of the teaching staff
  • Promoting our top students as the Faculty’s product  aimed at their successful employment
  • Encouraging self-employment of students by establishing and supporting student enterprise


Educational and training programs opened to the public

Organizing, promoting and conducting educational activities for individuals or groups coming from the business sector including: 

  • single day workshops
  • courses
  • professional training programs


Organization of workshops/round tables

In order to fully engage our infrastructural and administrative resources, and / or our staff, the Faculty has been cooperating with specialized consulting institutions, associations and individuals in promoting, organizing or hosting thematic professional and other gatherings.

Associating with supporting and cooperative institutions in the environment

To successfully meet the needs of the environment for in terms of knowledge transfer, EFRI has established long-term and intensive collaboration with regional and national specialized supporting institutions whose programs and activities in the educational field are compatible with our efforts to intensify cooperation with the economy and the community.


Conducting educational programs by authorization of government institutionscrta-1352821966.jpg

Engagement in developing and promoting EFRISTAT and BFC projects


Expanding cooperative relations with economic entities with the aim of ensuring greater opportunities for student internship and research


Promoting top senior-year students

The Faculty's core products are its students and their acquired knowledge and competencies. In today’s conditions of a limited demand on the labor market, it is of vital importance for the economy to engage quality candidates. In this sense, the Faculty’s is the first instance in providing the information on the candidate’s achievements during his/her studies.


Desired and reliable institution of higher education, a partner to the economy, home and foreign scientific and educational institutions and students.