User accounts


AAI@EduHr is the authentication and authorization infrastructure of the scientific and higher education system in the Republic of Croatia.

Get your AAI@EduHr electronic identity (username and password) at:

  • Undergaradates and graduates – Student Registry Office
  • Postgraduates - Đenet Molnar, Ticiana Musul Tićac
  • Staff - Tatjana Pavičić

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The E-learning system Merlin is an e-learning platform for projects of e-learning, course delivery and university studies using e-learning technologies.

Use your AAI@EduHr electronic identity to access Merlin.

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Our Webmail solution allows you to check your email from anywhere in the world with internet access. In order to use it open your e-mail account at our Faculty.

Check your e-mail, using the password and login received when opening your account. 

To open your e-mail account at the Faculty contact: Željko Rački, Head of the Computer Center

  • Office (number/floor): 32 / I or location Vukovarska 58, 311 / III
  • working hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


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