Why should you enroll the Faculty of Economics?

If you do not know the laws of the economy and economics, your luck will turn against you..... 

  • Economics, as a social science, encompasses a wide range of occupations and therefore a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in economics qualifies you for 220 different working posts.
  • The study of economics provides answers to the following questions: what, how and for whom to produce, at what price to sell, how much to pay your staff,, why are there inequalities between countries and why are they at different levels of economic development, how to determine the exchange rate, inflation and interest rates and how to operate in accordance with sustainable development and environmental issues.

We follow up on our students, and provide those most excellent with:

  • Internship programs in order to facilitate their transition from studies to their first working post;
  • Further education and training, through workshops offered by Multi- an association bringing together the Faculty’s best students, through joint work in teacher assistant teams, through student participation in scientific and professional meetings and projects, etc.
  • Possibility to cooperate with the economy e.g. finding solutions for an economic entity’s problem, organizing field visit to companies and providing students with a possibility to develop their thesis in collaboration with companies.


We help our students in their attempts to find a job: 

  • We offer financial and technical assistance in establishing student spin-offs;
  • We provide assistance in placements at our business partners’ companies;
  • We make our electronic database of students available to employers and
  • We organize workshops on creating successful CVs, application forms and landing job interviews.


We constantly upgrade the quality of teaching: 

  • In order to raise the quality of teaching and studying, we had lowered our enrollment quotas during 2009-2011 by as much as 35%, thus enrolling fewer students than the Faculties of Economics in Zagreb, Split and Osijek this year. In 2012/2013 we reduced the enrollment quota by an additional 50%, i.e. from 710 to 350 (150 full time + 200 part-time students) enabling us to work in smaller groups.
  • Our teachers also deliver invited lectures at prestigious universities like:  Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Max-Planck, the Sorbonne, Humboldt, etc.,
  • We engage successful business people in our teaching process (annually, over 50 business people convey their experience through lectures and workshops organized at the Faculty)
  • Our young teachers acquire specialized knowledge during their several month/ year residence at a foreign university (UK, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, etc.)
  • We motivate our students to evaluate us so that we can act in accordance with their suggestions.  


We provide university studies in English and opportunities for studying abroad:

  • We are the first, and So far, the only faculty of economics offering university study programs in English (apart from the English Department of the University); 
  • Among all the members of the University, we have the most intensive ERASMUS international exchange (this year (2012-13) 26 of our students  are spending a semester at universities in France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Germany, Romania and Slovenia);
  • AIESEC, association for student exchange involved in providing students with leadership training and internship opportunities operates at our Faculty. This facilitates our students’ search and realization of internships abroad (this year, within AIESEC, over 20 students did or are doing their internship in Russia, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, India, ...); 
  • We host foreign visiting lecturers and engage them in our teaching process;
  • We encourage our students and support them in taking part in international student competitions and business simulations (Case Study Competition, Google Online Marketing Challenge, etc.)
  • Since 2005, we have, on annual basis, been organizing the International Environment and European Integration Summer School, which, alongside our students, are attended by students coming from Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico etc.


We encourage students to enrich their personal extracurricular experience:

  • By working in the Student Council and other student organizations operating within our Faculty (AIESEC, AEGEE);
  • By participating in students' newspaper editorial TNRB, student theater group or student sports teams;
  • By organizing and taking part in student competitions with cash prizes
  • By having the largest number of computers at their disposal in our computer labs

Our former and present students speak in favor of the usefulness of studying at EFRI:

  • Our best freshmen are satisfied with their selection and experience of studying of the Faculty;
  • Our best alumni have employments with the Croatian Government, Procter & Gamble, Saipem, SAP, the Croatian  National Bank, mobile network operators VIP and T-Com, HEP-the national power company, Roland Berger, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Agrokor and even work on Wall Street ...;
  • Our best former students work in London, New York, Zurich, Berlin, Dubai, Budapest, Prague;
  • Our best former students found employment among the 20 most attractive employers in Croatia.

We are not the center of the world, but are surely located there :)

  • The Faculty of Economics is located in a quiet street in the mere center of the city of Rijeka, which is known as a city of liberal residents, rock culture, sport and education
  • The city of Rijeka  offers beautiful beaches, coastal walks, ski slopes, mountain paths and lodges within a 20-kilometer range,
  • The city of Rijeka is only an hour's drive from Zagreb, Ljubljana and Trieste
  • Rijeka is the city in which: 1) the Croatian national anthem was written , 2) the  torpedo invented, 3) the first disco in this part of Europe - the club Husar was opened, 4) a lifejacket from the Titanic is stored, 5) the Croatian hip hop started ...


Desired and reliable institution of higher education, a partner to the economy, home and foreign scientific and educational institutions and students.