Does the University have a campus where I could find accommodation? Or does it provide accommodation plus food for a monthly fee?

The University of Rijeka has a campus, but most constituent faculties are not located on the campus itself (15-30 minutes away by public transport).  There are two student dormitories, one on the campus, and the other about 2 kilometres from the Faculty premises.  As far as meals go, there is a cafeteria at the Faculty offering lunch (menu of the day) during week days at about 3 EUR. Due to the limited number of accommodation at the dormitories, a vast majority of students rents flats. The price ranges from 300 -500 EUR per month plus utilities, depending on the flat’s size and location.  

More on student dormitories:



I want to teach at your undergraduate/graduate courses in order to get the ECTS for that activity, but I do not speak/understand Croatian.

This does not pose a problem, Namely, the Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate studies completely taught in English (International Business Program) within which you could deliver lectures or hold seminar classes to meet the above mentioned requirement.


Are the courses within the PhD program organized on everyday basis and if not, how many weekends do I need to spend at the Faculty?

We have decreased the number of courses within the PhD program from 10 to 6 i.e. there are now 3 courses at first and 3 at the second year. Half of them (1 in the first year and 2 in the second) are electives. The number of weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday) you need to spend in Rijeka within the first year are 5 to 10, depending on the track/module you take and your dissertation topic).  List of courses available at https://www.efri.uniri.hr/en/phd_study_economics_and_business_economics__2018_2019__track_business_economics/1023/226 or https://www.efri.uniri.hr/en/phd_study_economics_and_business_economics__2018_2019__track_economics/1022/225

Within your studies, you are expected to participate in a set of workshops, colloquia and resulting doctoral conference which requires you to spend at least 5 more weekends during the entire program (3-4 in the first year). See more at https://www.efri.uniri.hr/en/workshops_scientific_colloquia_and_doctoral_conferences/936/215


Is the stay at a foreign university mandatory and how can the Faculty help me in arranging this?

It is mandatory for full time students, but welcomed for all others. The Faculty offers its support and assistance in arranging your stay within the Erasmus program or some similar scheme (CEEPUS, for instance). In such events, your stay will be completely financed through the Erasmus/CEEPUS or some other program. During your stay abroad, you are expected to take some courses and/or work on your dissertation. In case your research at the foreign institution is done under the guidance of a supervisor from that institution, he or she may be appointed to the Defence Board. For more details see Articles 16 and 22 of the Regulations at https://www.efri.uniri.hr/upload/PDS%202019/PRAVILNIK%20novi%20%20July%202019%20PDS%20ENG.pdf


Can you immediately give me the information whether my diploma from outside Croatia is acceptable for you PhD program?

Yes, we can. Send your diploma by e-mail and our University administration will check the eligibility immediately (in a couple of days at the maximum). This eligibility applies only for pursuing your doctoral studies at our University, it is not an official recognition of your diploma. The formalities regarding your diploma can be arranged later (after being enrolled in the program).


You want us to have the supervisor from the very beginning. I do not know your professors. Can you help me? Can I choose a supervisor I already know from outside the Faculty or even from abroad?

Our Call for enrolment entails a list current projects/topics and relevant supervisors. Depending on your research topic, we can help you get in touch with the supervisor among our staff or outside the Faculty even prior to your enrolment. Supervisors from foreign universities are highly welcomed, however they should meet the requirements set for supervisors within our program (Article 13 of the Regulations). In this case, the co-supervisor on your thesis ought to be from our Faculty.


Besides staying at another university you also require participation at international conferences, workshops as well as publishing in international refereed journals. Do you help students in covering these costs?

We have regular calls for co-funding conferences, workshops and publication of papers for our PhD students. The candidates may also be granted funds from scientific projects lead by their supervisors or projects in which their supervisors participate as team members. For more details see  https://www.efri.uniri.hr/en/additional_funding/932/213).


I want to pursue the Scandinavian model? What happens if I do not publish the relevant papers in time?

This does not pose a problem as you can switch to the classical type of dissertation at any time.


I would like to have foreign professor(s) (e.g. from US/Canada/Australia/Russia and other distant destinations) appointed as board members for my thesis defence. Is this possible (because of the travel costs)?

We have already organized defences in this manner, so this is not a problem. We will simply set up a video conference for your defence.



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