95_knjiznica.jpgThe total surface area of the library amounts to 240 m2. In 2000 the Faculty moved to a new building in Rijeka, I. Filipovića 4; the library was assigned premises divided into three sections; reading room, depository for periodical and monograph publications and offices for library staff.
The total number of seating is 38. Of these, 34 seating places for the purpose of working and studying are located in the library while 6 seating places are in the library offices. The library premises are almost entirely used for storing the library holdings.

Apart from the working hours mentioned, the library staff is at the disposal of users throughout the entire working day, offering information and other services which are unconnected with direct lending of material.
The library material is purchased systematically and in cooperation with departments and teachers and compatible with approved financial sources in accordance with the Regulations on work of the library of the Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka.

If it is impossible to get the required material at the Faculty, inter-library loan is used so that there is almost no
inaccessible book title. Within the bounds of possibility, the library holdings are supplemented with required referential literature (encyclopaedia, lexicons, dictionaries etc.), all essential sources for successful studying. Also, efforts are made to enrich the library holdings with books from similar social sciences (philosophy, sociology, politics etc.) that are important sources of supplementary literature. Books are either bought or are bequeathed as gifts.

The library receives also 109 titles of domestic journals. These were acquired by purchase, gifts and exchange.
With electronic publication of books and journals, the number of available journals within the library was significantly increased but due to high prices it is not possible to provide for a greater number of such journals.

The library uses a computer programme for managing the library – CROLIST. Records of books and bibliographical data are made in UNIMARC format. An online catalogue facilitates a search through the author, title, subject, and words from title, UDK classification or key words, ISBN, ISSN and ISMN, UNI. Users may search the library holdings also with their own computer and receive data on available literature.
The entire library holdings are accessible and visible in the online library catalogue.

Through the Centre for online data base, joint projects of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, CARNet and the Institute of Ruđer Bošković, access is available to the Croatian academic community to the most important world data bases – bibliographical, citation and data bases with entire texts as well as online journals. Access to databases is regulated through an IP range and bases can be searched with the help of computers in the library or through computers located throughout the Faculty.


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