Presentation *Potentials of ORACLE Academy @ EFRI*

Presentation *Potentials of ORACLE Academy @ EFRI*

[Potentials of Oracle Academy @ EFRI]

Frequent changes and novelties in the branch of business informatics require continuous gain, development as well as improvement of knowledge, skills and competences. This especially applies to the domain of business information systems and the domain of business databases.

Hence, on Friday 10.05.2019 from (exactly) 14:00 to 15:00, in the Lecture Room 10 at the 4th floor, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ivan Uroda is organizing the presentation *Potentials of ORACLE Academy @ EFRI*, that will be presented by Darko Jureković, M. E., ORACLE Hrvatska Ltd., ORACLE Academy Program Manager.

This presentation is also the unified presentation of external associate, for courses Baze podatka, Data Bases, Menadžment informacijski sustav, Primjena baza podatka.
Aforementioned presentation and accompanying practical examples will be presented in cca 45 minutes, while, after the presentation, questions and comments are welcome from students as well as from other participants, in the additional cca 15 minutes.



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