This program is held on Croatian language only! 

Cost-effectiveness assessment of health technologies helps to determine which intervention, of the alternative interventions under consideration, yields the relatively greatest benefit per unit of money invested. This is of primary importance to those making decisions regarding the funding of health technologies in public health.
The program is designed as a six-day program and will run over three weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The participants will be expected to write seminar paper in-between lectures/weekends.
Upon completion of the program, participants will gain knowledge in:
- fundamental decision-making theories within the context of uncertainty;
- decision tree development for economic assessment of the cost-effectiveness of technologies and the degree of uncertainty in such models
- different methods for assessing treatment or intervention outcomes;
- calculation of health technology costs;
- interpretation of economic evaluation results,
- setting and understanding cost-effectiveness thresholds;
- development and performance of simple HTA studies

The program envisages 5 ECTS credits


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