Models of Food Waste Prevention in Households, Businesses and Institutions

This program is held on Croatian language only!

This program addresses different models of food waste prevention, starting from better food procurement planning to reuse of surpluses, composting of residues, donation of surpluses and the like. This issue is very topical in most European countries, however in Croatia, very little is known and done regarding prevention of food waste.


Namely, the public authorities have still do define a set policy regarding this issue.

Moreover, this lifelong learning program provides an opportunity to communicate the economic and environmental consequences of food waste and, represents an incentive to social changes needed to reduce food waste.

A program in the prevention of food waste and possibilities of donating residues may be of interest to local authorities, businesses involved in the production and sales of food products, civil society organizations wishing to get involved in food donation, as well as the general public but also to those wishing to get involved in social entrepreneurship in circular economy.


The program is co-created and run by civil society organizations and the Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka. Scientists and experts engaged in the program will share their experience regarding the increase of food donation and reduction of food waste. Moreover, this program serves as a starting point in the design of more long-term sustainable activities aimed at promoting sustainable development, diminishment of food waste and consequently better life quality.


The program envisages 14 lecture hours during a two-day period (7 per day) with a working lunch break in between. 


The program is divided into two segments: theory and practice. The first day is dedicated to lectures whereas the second day includes workshops in which participants work on different case-studies. 


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