Graduate studies

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The completion of a graduate study program leads to the academic title: Master in Economics. 

Students studying and completing a university graduate study program offered by the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka, will acquire competences and skills important and needed in their future career as MAs in Economics. These include competences in analysis, synthesis and complex problem solving in issues related to economics and business economics; development of critical thinking, possibility of self and associative learning, flexibility and adaptability, capability to apply research methods and procedures to creative problem solving in institutions and enterprises, their organization and managements as well as the ability to perform highly qualified jobs in the field of economics , i.e. the development and implementation of expertise and achievement into practice.
Teaching is conducted in accordance with the study curricula which encompass a great number of elective courses including student internship. This enables student flexibility in shaping the study content according to their abilities and interests. In addition to regular academic contents, our programs develop students’ connectivity and understanding of global experiences and the Croatian economic practices. 
Alongside our teachers, teachers from foreign universities and well-known experts from the industry and public administration are engaged as visiting lecturers within the teaching activity.


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