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What if…

… you want to be more effective in achieving your business and life goals?

… you want to improve your communication skills?

… your ambition is to become more productive?

… you want to know about yourself, business partner and use that as an advantage in doing business?

…you want to be better and efficient negotiator?

 We have a solution for you….

We all want to be best and successful negotiators, but everyone is not successful on start. Although we all negotiate on daily basis, we are not completely familiar with  effective negotiating. No business can survive without profitable contracts. Within a company, negotiation skills can lead to your career advancement and/or profitability of your company.

Here is everything you need to know about programme that has been created for your improvement. Programme contains four stages that will help you require/improve negotiating skills for you and your company.

 The Programme consists of 4 modules:

MODULE 1. Business negotiation

MODULE 2. Communication in business negotiation 

MODULE 3. International negotiation

MODULE 4. Participant's presentations and assignments

 In which every participant will:

  •  Differentiate how business entities negotiate (negotiation processes followed, negotiating behaviour employed, and implicit assumptions underlying both).

  • Argument how the parties in the international negotiation process can create a win-win situation.
  • Review their negotiating skills, to broaden their repertoire, to practice unused/unusual ways of negotiating.
  • Increase awareness of cross-cultural differences.

  • Have better understanding of the cultural influences affecting international negotiation practices.

  • Gain the knowledge and tools to conduct effective commercial negotiations.
  • Develop key tactics for international negotiations to facilitate cross-border deals with Western and Eastern countries of the world.
  • Approach negotiations strategically and with confidence to ensure a win-win outcome.
  • Develop personal presentation skills to enhance first impressions in business and international negotiating.
  • Use body language to their advantage within business negotiations.
  • Learn non-verbal communication techniques to enhance position in international negotiations.

  • Prepare themselves for better personal presentation.

  ..there is more…

 Programme consists of 56 working hours which cover:

·         22 hours of lessons,

·         4 hours of interaction and discussion within interactive workshops,

·         30 hours of preparation and realisation of the assignment (participants will get research  assignment one month before the start of International Business Workshops).

There are at least four reasons to participate…

1. Scientific dimension of Programme – lessons are based on empirical scientific research of the lecturer,

2. Professional dimension of Programme – lessons/classes are derived from practical experiences, field work  and cooperation with public and private sector, 

3. Educational dimension of Programme – students will awarded with 6 ECTS points certificate of Faculty of Economics University of Rijeka and a IB&M certificate (network of partner Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences from the EU),

4. Entertaining dimension of Programme having fun within social events.


Galović Tomislav, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

For who?

  • Students from Croatia and foreign students with Bachelor degree;
  • Students from Croatia and foreign students with Master's degree;

  • Employed and

  • Unemployed individuals.


Faculty of Economics University Rijeka

Ivana Filipovića 4

51000 Rijeka


Workshop participants

We are very proud that our workshop participants improved their skills and also gained experience and learned new things  that will help them in their future business careers.

luis.pngA more than satisfying experience, I must call it. Diversity among the participants, a great balance between practice and theory and a very eager and professional lecturer made it all go perfectly. Also the social activities have been beyond expectation.           

Luis Emilio Pinedo Juric, Venezuela

alexia.pngI am glad to have made my first trip to Rijeka. Very interesting presentation about international culture as theoretically.                                                            

Alexia Margand, France

puig-1499688488.jpgThe social experience was incredible because I met good people. The workshop experience has enabled in learning many things in the area of negotiation.          

Puig Matéo, France

abdulrahman.pngExceeded my expectations. I was impressed by how dr. Galović delivered workshops in a friendly and effective way. I will remember this forever for sure!                  ,

Abdulrahman Hassan, Cyprus

katerina.pngMy experience in Rijeka for EFRI IBW 2017  was unforgettable. I had the opportunity to meet a great team (both staff and students) through structured workshop. The workshop  provided a great balance between lots of information and assignments along with free time to explore the city and interact with other members.                 

Katerina Evangelou, Cyprus

panagiotis-1499688857.pngIt is an experience I like a lot beacuse the people in Croatia are very friendly and want to make relationships with new cultures and they express openly. For sure I recommend this workshops to other people.                                         

Panagiotis Kouzari, Cyprus

kyriakos.pngVery resourceful information. Experience in new things. Amazing people.Brilliant lecturer.                                                                                              

Kyriakos Aristidi, Cyprus


It was the best classes of my life, all the subjects were interesting and very dynamic. I hope that I will have the opportunity to do something like that again. We were well received.                                                                                                    

Soléne Diez, France

ana.pngI was impressed by the way we connected with international students. We learned a lot about different cultures, customs and regulations. We gained great skills fr om preparation for a business meeting to closing a great deal in international environment.                                                                                                    

Ana Dedić, Croatia

agalj-1499780895.jpgI am impressed with amount learned in such a short time and in understanding way. Lecturer and participants were adaptive and cooperative.                                                                                              

Aleksandar Čagalj, Croatia

kristian.pngI really enjoyed the workshop with professor Galović and foreign students. The atmosphere was relaxed and the approach was friendly. I find the lectures very educational and inspiring, so I would recommend everyone to participate next year.

Kristian Kirinčić, Croatia


The great thing about EFRI International Business Workshop is that it gives insight in practical way of doing business. As it is important to know theoretical part, it is also important to know how to execute it. This workshop helped me to know what I can expect from future business meetings and negotiations. And most important thing it thought me how to act in those situations.                                     

Matea Udovičić, Croatia

MarioVery useful workshop in multicultural city and environment. Great combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Participants shared ideas and informations in casual atmosphere. I had a lot of fun and surely recommend anyone.              

Mario Svijetlica, Croatia



I find this experience tremendously beneficial for my further development in business career. As I was studying International business this experience provided me a realistic insight into the core business activities and presented me communication skills in negotiation. This brought me a better perspective in how to achieve successful results and communicate more efficiently with partners involved. I would highly recommend this workshop for everyone ready to learn and progress in business.     

Eni Deković, Croatia



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