The Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka is committed to promoting health and the well-being of its students and staff. The Faculty offers its support and advice to those having addiction problems, including alcohol, in finding the needed help to quit their addiction.



Employee and student responsibility:


If you suspect, or know, that you have an alcohol, or substance-related problem, you should seek professional help at an early stage to avoid exacerbation of the problem.

You should notify the Management, if you suspect that a staff member or student is under the influence of the abovementioned substances while at the Faculty or while engaging in Faculty’s activities, especially if this may result in an accident or may endanger others (staff, students or visitors).

You should familiarize yourself and comply with any Faculty, University, and Ministry policy that prohibits consumption of alcohol and/or narcotic substances or the performance of Faculty related activities under their influence.

You must not, under any circumstances, bring or use illegal substances on the Faculty’s premises.

You should inform the Management if you are taking prescribed medication that could affect your ability to act safely.



 The steps that might be taken by the Management in case of reported addiction problems


Before talking to the person with potential addiction problems, they may seek confidential advice from a professional.

They may arrange a private meeting with the person and express their concerns in an understanding and non-judgmental way.

They may suggest possible locations on where to seek professional help.

If they suspect that a staff member or a student is under the influence of alcohol while at the Faculty, or that his/her performance is suddenly impaired due to the consumption of alcohol or other substances, this person will not be allowed to continue performing his/her duties that day and will have to leave the Faculty’s premises. In such cases, the Management, if required, will appoint someone to accompany the person under the influence home.

When such a person returns to work / lectures, the Management will set up a meeting and decide on whether further actions should be taken. 


The Faculty will provide as much support as possible to all employees and students in case of addiction problems. However, if this addiction leads to breaches of Faculty and University policies and codes, the situation shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the disciplinary policy and the laws of the Republic of Croatia.




 Alcoholism’s impact on individuals and their families:


Alcoholism causes every third divorce.

Alcoholism leads to the neglect of family duties and the neglect of children, which is even more pronounced when both parents are alcoholics.

Alcoholism slowly destroys the family, both emotionally and materially.

Alcoholism leads to aggression and violence. The victims are mostly in an alcoholic’s immediate environment i.e. the spouse and children.  

Alcoholism has a negative effect on population policies.

Alcoholism leads to decreased concentration, causes memory loss, etc.



The university period, like any other period in one’s life, brings about various problems and challenges. Some of these can easily be overcome, either on one’s own or with the help of family and friends but sometimes, we may be faced with problems that greatly interfere in our everyday lives and require professional support.  The University Office for Psychological Counseling within the University Counseling Center offers professional psychological assistance and support to students and other members of the University of Rijeka in order to improve their quality of life and increase the efficiency of their studies.



More about the Psychological Counseling Center at the University of Rijeka at:


Warning signs of potential alcohol abuse may be found in the increase in the usual daily consumption of alcoholic beverages, complaints coming from the immediate environment i.e. family and friends or at work, followed by first signs of neglect at home or at work. 


If you have problems with alcohol, gambling, depression, narcotics, etc. and have no one to share your story with and no one to listen to you, the Rijeka Youth Club organizes free anonymous meetings.


The ANONYMOUS MEETINGS give you an opportunity to talk about your problems and share your experience. If you are still not ready to share your own story, you can just sit and listen to others until you build up the courage. The meetings are guided by a psychotherapist, who will also, through counseling, help you realize that you are not alone and that with her aid and the help of others you can overcome your problems.


Meeting are held every Sunday starting at 5 pm at SUMA’s premises located at Erazma Barčića 11, 1st floor, above the Rijeka Youth Club. The entrance is through the front yard.


The meetings are led by psychotherapist Ms. Tamara Zaninović Šošić. For all information regarding Anonymous Meetings, feel free to contact Ms. Tamara via email:


In case you need help with withdrawal, you may also join one of the below mentioned clubs of treated alcoholics. The clubs run different programs with the aim of preserving alcohol abstinence, changing lifestyles, preventing addiction and serious consequences of alcoholism, improving family health and preventing transgenerational transmission of bad habits and behavior in children.

There are three clubs that operate in Rijeka:

Clubs of treated alcoholics "Zamet” and "Zamet 2”
Clubs of treated alcoholics "Novi život” and "Riva”
Club of treated alcoholics Rijeka Centre





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