The right to use and borrow library materials has been granted to all full and part-time students, students of post-graduate specialized and doctoral studies and the Faculty employees. Others may use the materials at the library’s premises or through interlibrary loans. All information about the books and other material can be found in the on-line catalogue CROLIST.
Conditions of use

A user can borrow a maximum of three books for a 30-day period, with the possibility of an additional 30-day extension.             
The overdue fine is 0,10 EUR per book per day.  The non-working days do not count in the loan period. In cases of lost or heavily damaged books, the user is obliged to buy a new copy of the book and pay the overdue fine if needed.  The materials to be used only at the library's premises (the reading room) include : reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, proceedings), journals, graduate and master's theses, doctoral dissertations and the last copy of a title. The library software program does not allow for further borrowing if the user does not comply with loan terms (e.g. unpaid overdue fines)  The library offers interlibrary loan services and more detailed information is available at the library.  There should be peace and order in the reading room, use of mobile phones is forbidden as well as consumption of food and beverages. 

Interlibrary borrowing

The library offers interlibrary loan services and provides the photocopying of papers from all journals found in its fund at the request of any user or any other library.
The library will also try to provide for any papers and books not found in its fund via interlibrary loans from any library in Croatia or abroad (directly or through the University Library in Rijeka).
Books borrowed from other libraries can be used according to the interlibrary loan regulations for two to four weeks, while the photocopied papers become permanent ownership of the user for a prescribed fee.

"Physical persons may reproduce the author's work on any surface if it does for private use, as well as reproduce the author's work in the form of photocopies and for other own use, that is in no direct or indirect commercial purpose and is not intended for or accessible to the public. It is not allowed to reproduce the entire book unless the copies of the book are sold out at least for two years, of graphic editions, of musical works (hereinafter referred as: music sheets), electronic databases, cartographic works or the construction of an architectural object, if is not defined in different manner by this Law or the contract. "


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