Case study workshop

Case study workshop

Dear EFRI students,

No matter whether you have already participated in a case study competition we are sure that our guest, Professor Vesna Damnjanović, will motivate you to apply for your first/next case study competition with her workshop: Case Competition: Why you should participate?

We assume that you are already well aware of what case study competitions are and what benefits they bring, but here is little repetition.

The case study teaching method is a highly adaptable style of teaching that involves problem-based learning and promotes the development of analytical skills. The most important role and purpose is to make students challenge and develop problem-solving abilities, develop new ideas, improve decision-making skills as well as enhance team spirit. Through case studies students can easily gain experience for future business challenges.

 Don't forget to add 3rd June (10am-12am) in your calendar.
Number of participants in this workshop is limited so we kindly request you to apply through application form:


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