Classes are online

Classes are online

Dear students,


In accordance with the new recommendation "Recommendation for teaching at universities in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic with the application of anti-epidemic measures - supplement to the recommendation of 31 August 2020" of the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Science and Education of 27.11.2020. and Recommendation for teaching at the University of Rijeka from 1 December 2020, all teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level from 1.12.2020. will be held online.

In case students cannot attend classes from home (eg inadequate equipment, no internet, etc.) they must send an e-mail 3 working days before the date of arrival at the Faculty with the announcement of arrival at: . In the e-mail of the announcement it is necessary to write the following information: name and surname, JMBAG, subject and date of the class.


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