Current enrollment - January 2021

Current enrollment - January 2021

Become a part of our vibrant network of energy business leaders

Current enrollment (10th generation) started from October 2nd 2020
Faculty of Economics and Business University of Rijeka has opened the enrollment procedure for the Postgraduate Specialist study (MBA) program Energy Economics in the academic year 2020/2021.
Enrollment requirements:

-University graduate diploma
-Active knowledge of business English
-At least 3 years of professional experience or GPA above 4,0 (candidates with GPA lower than 4,0 have to enclose a recommendation letter from two university professors.)
Applications are submitted via  ON-LINE form 
After collecting the required documentation, applicants need to fill in the form ENROLLMENT DOCUMENTATION LIST, where it is necessary to check the submitted documents, fill the form, sign and submit the form together with all the documents personally or by mail.

Required documentation:

- Filled application form
- Certified copy of University diploma (graduated study)
- Grades transcript
- Recommendation letters from two university professors for applicants with GPA bellow 4,0
- Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications, for foreign students
- PIN (personal identification number) needed for the collection of required enrollment documentation (certificate of nationality and birth certificate), for foreign citizens - proof of citizenship
- CV
- Student statement about the chosen payment method or Statement that shows the employer is paying the scholarship fee
Possibility to pay in 3 installments or via University subsidized student loans

Applications are submitted to:

Faculty of Economics and Business University of Rijeka
(MBA Energy Economics)
Ivana Filipovica 4
51000 Rijeka

* Note: Filled List of enrollment documentation is sent to us by email, but is necessary to deliver the signed List with all the required documents by mail or personally. Upon the enrollment, a study contract will be concluded with the students.
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