Dear students,

A challenging week is behind us.
Thank you for your patience and understanding for the new situation and the urgent transition to an online teaching. We are aware of the challenges you face on a daily basis.
As processes go on, we become better, more trained, and we all learn together. 
Please continue to follow the most important information through Merlin (Referada).
We wish you a successful acquiring of knowledge in online environment. 

Faculty of Economics and Business Rijeka

Dear students and guests,

In view of the circumstances brought about by the Corona virus outbreak, and having in mind your well-being and health, we have decided to have all activities organized in an online environment.
In line with the above said, as of March 16 2020, all class activities at undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as office hours, will be held according to the regular schedule via the online learning platform Merlin.
All activities at postgraduate studies, activities within life-long learning programs and other extracurricular activities within the next two weeks are
postponed until further notice.  
All further information and details will be disseminated via Merlin (see under the course: Referada) and the Faculty’s official website, so do follow up on us regularly.

Your Faculty
IN THE PERIOD MARCH 16 2020 – MARCH 28 2020
1.    All class activities (lectures, seminar classes and practicum classes) will be held online (not in the classrooms).
2.    The classes are organized in line with the schedule announced at the start of the semester.
3.    Office hours will also be held via webinar, mail or phone according to the regular schedule (see course curricula). 
4.    In the event that tests or other forms of assessment have been planned in this period, according to the course curricula, they will be postponed for later and the respective teacher will deliver the lecture/seminar on the topic scheduled next.
5.    The students access lectures, seminar classes or practicum classes within the courses via Merlin.
6.    The virtual classes are entered via Webinars at the respective course page on Merlin.



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