FinTech (Financial Technology)- Financial Supervision and Technology Compliance

European Commission, Horizon 2020 „FIN-TECH: A FINancial TECHnology training platform", -ICT-35-2018 CSA project
Project leader
Prof. Saša Žiković, PhD
Team members
Prof. Ivana Tomas Žiković, PhD - EFRI
Maria Čuljak – Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, PhD student at EFRI
Ivan Gržeta, MBA – EFRI, PhD student at EFRI
Prof. Ante Đerek, PhD - FER, University of Zagreb
Ines Bašić – Croatian National Bank

FinTech (Financial Technology) means "technology-enabled financial innovation." There is a strong need to improve the competitiveness of European FinTech, creating a common risk management framework  that can make financial innovations sustainable.

The Fin-Tech project, under the EU's Horizon2020 funding scheme, aims to create a European FinTech risk management platform, which can eventually lead to a European research sandbox.  To this end, it will develop a knowledge exchange hub that will produce use-cases in fintech risk management. 

The knowledge exchange hub includes a research framework, in which partners develop fintech risk management use-cases, guided by international regulators; a SupTech framework, in which the  uses cases wilil receive feedback from the national supervisors; a RegTech framework, in which the use cases will receive  feedback from fintech companies; and a validation framework, in which the uses cases will be evaluated by banks and international advisors.

The project has started on January, 1st 2019, and will last until December 31st 2020.  The activities of the project include 6 research workshop with international regulators, 3*28 suptech  workshops, for 28 national supervisors, and 6 regtech workshops, organized by 6 fintech hubs and open to regulators, banks and fintechs around Europe.


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