First mobile app launched – new communication channel for students

First mobile app launched – new communication channel for students

The Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka is the first faculty to develop a mobile app - a new communication channel that significantly modernised and accelerated the flow of information. It also increased the visibility of the significant events and activities organised by the Faculty. Younger generations search the Faculty's web pages using their mobile devices in 93% of cases, which made it easier to see in which direction should the new communication channels develop. 

A fast and high-quality way of communicating, important information, and a user-friendly interface were the main objectives of the Faculty's new project - the first EFRI mobile application intended for current and future students and the ALUMNI community of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka.


The mobile app enables users to see all relevant information about undergraduate and graduate studies as well as any additional content offered every week at the Faculty.

The app has an option for receiving push notifications in order for users to get important information at all times. Users can also get information about the teaching staff and administrative services by scanning more than 200 QR codes located in the Faculty building. E-Referada is an option in the app that allows users to access services and forms without having to personally go to the Student Affairs Office, which helps students organise their free time and commitments better.

Users can find answers to numerous questions in the section "ASK EFRI" (PITAJ EFRI), which makes searching for data much more efficient and faster. The answers, which one usually would get via email, can be found in just a few seconds.

The mobile app was developed by members of the ALUMNI EFRI community, Renato Poljak and Ivo Zubčić from the IT company Oxygen Tech d.o.o.


The app is also available in English and can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the App Store.

It is a collaboration that we are very proud of, primarily because when we see the entrepreneurial success, the sense of business and work habits of our alumni, we realise that we too were part of their journey.

Alen Host, Dean of Faculty


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