International cooperation

International cooperation

Since its establishments in 1961, the Faculty has been developing international relations with many international higher education institutions.

The earliest partnerships have been established with the Faculty of economics in Zagreb, Osijek and Split, then in Belgrade, Ljubljana and Sarajevo. Then came partnerships with the Economic and commercial faculty in Trieste, University of Rostock, University of Economics in Prague, and faculties and high education institutions in Wien, Sopot, Bern and Berlin.
Today, the Faculty has over eighty signed bilateral agreements on international cooperation with higher education institutions in Europe and the world, based on scientific, educational and research activities.

Through past decades, the Faculty has been continually strengthening and expanding its international activity through different types of cooperation:
•Cooperation with international institutions based on signed international agreements:
•Participation in international associations, organizations and programmes
•Organization of international coferences and summer schools
•Participation in international projects
•Development of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in English.

Our students and professors regularly spend time abroad for academic purposes. Likewise, many international professors come to our Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka as lecturers and researchers. In the last 10 years, as scholars of the Fulbright program, four international professors have thought at the Faculty while two of our professors, also participants of the Fulbright program, have spent a year each in the USA. Shorter study visits of our professors have also been organized in cooperation with partners from the USA, states Kentucky and Cleveland, and the ALIS conference.

International student exchange is also realized through the student organization AIESEC. 
Throughout the last decade, in efforts to raise the educational and research activities to worldly standards, international cooperation has been additionally strengthened. Results can be seen in redefined and enriched progammes of the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies. As part of regular classes, there are visiting lectures by foreign professors several times a year. Likewise, our professors hold lectures at international universities. To encourage a higher quality education there has been an increase in the library fond, some by our own purchases and some by donation, for 10 000 new books by foreign publishers. A significant portion of international cooperation is realized through scientific and expert research projects. Almost all projects by the Ministry of science and education, alongside our researchers, involve foreign researchers from USA, Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, BiH and other countries. Cooperation in researching activities has resulted in numerous publishing affairs.

The Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka, regularly issues a Collection of papers, where different papers in Croatian, English and German are published. It is also important to mention the many publication by our professors abroad. The most impactful way our professors have left a mark abroad is through organizing international conferences, seminars and round tables.

Committee for international cooperation:

Saša Čegar, PhD Vice Dean for Internationalization and Sustainable Development, president
Ivana First Komen PhD
Igor Cvečić PhD
Pavle Jakovac PhD
Tomislav Galović PhD
Marko Tomljanović PhD
Davor Mance PhD
Petra Adelajda Zaninović PhD, ERASMUS and CEPUS coordinator
Barbara Fajdetić
Davorin Balaž
Renee Škulić
Marko Donadić
Robert Silconi


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