Microsoft Learn - Global Skilling Initiative

Microsoft Learn - Global Skilling Initiative

The Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka, in cooperation with Microsoft Croatia, launched the BusinessTech Program within the Microsoft Learn - Global Skilling Initiative, thus providing its students with education from well-known Microsoft programs. Microsoft programs are fully harmonized with the labor market and enable the acquisition of new, but also the upgrade of existing knowledge and skills through new and innovative programs.

All offered programs are free and are part of the teaching process, after successfully passing the education and courses, the Faculty of Economics and Business in Rijeka will issue certificates to students.
Three programs can be attended and a description of each is below.
DATA ANALYST  data analysts enable companies to maximize the value of their databases using Microsoft Power BI. Data analysts are responsible for designing and building scalable data models, formatting and transforming data with the help of advanced analytical tools that provide significant business value through data visualization.
DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST  Education provides insight into all social platforms, enables target market recognition, e-mail marketing plan, video marketing, website optimization, SEO use, paid SEM advertising, but also marketing reports that assess the overall presence of the brand on networks and determine achieved goals.
ARTIFICIAL INTELIGENCE AI is a is a technology of the future that has wide application in all spheres of public, private and business life. One of the strategic ways to take advantage of AI is to modernize existing applications with AI. AI is a technology that, with the help of machine learning, creates new sources of value from a large amount of unstructured data. Proper AI tools will help users to apply their expertise in a better way or speed up the repetition of learning cycles, thus providing a real impact at a before impossible speed.

Education and taking exams is possible through the following web pages: LinkedIn Learn Education PlatformMicrosoft Learn Platform  i Artifical Intelligence Business School.


To access above mentioned platforms, it is obligatory to register with AAI@EduHR user information. After logging in, it is necessary to create a Microsoft Learn profile.


PROCEDURE: After the registration students choose programs, attend and follow educations and then they are awarded with certificates of successful completion of the program.
To receive a certificate from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka on the completed education, apply HERE.
All additional information on how to access the educations can be found on the page HERE. 
In addition to formal education, after completing the training it is possible to take exams and obtain a Microsoft certificate. 
Additional information: Ana Babić, PhD (


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