Mission, vision and core values


In the international business and scientific environment, and in cooperation with the community, by educating and developing entrepreneurially oriented and socially responsible leaders, managers and researchers, we contribute to the development of society and science

The vision encompasses integration into the European area of higher education and European research area accompanied by overwhelming support for development of the economy. Integration can be seen through competitiveness of the study programmes, student exchange, academic and administrative personnel, joint international study and research projects. Lending support to the economy is achieved through drawing up useful educational programmes for the economy, joint, mutually advantageous, research projects as well as widespread inclusion of student capacity. The Faculty will be recognized as a much sought-after and reliable higher educational institute, a partner with the economy as well as with other national and international scientific and educational institutes and students. The Faculty will be an institute which will evolve continuously, be streamlined and upgraded as regards study programmes, research and staff. 
responsibility, excellence, leadership, ambition, coherence
Faculty strategy 2017-2025


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