Mobility programs

Mobility programs

About Erasmus
Erasmus program is one of the well-known international exchange programs. University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics and Business joined this program in 2009 and since then numerous Erasmus agreements were signed with HE institutions from many EU countries.
Students from partnered institutions may spend one or two semesters studying at our Faculty. Some of the agreements also include teaching staff mobility (consult your home Erasmus-coordinator for details).

Mobility requirements for incoming students
Erasmus incoming students should be officially nominated for Erasmus exchange by their home Erasmus coordinator. After being nominated, Erasmus students must send the Application Form and all relevant documents to the Erasmus Mobility Office of the University of Rijeka within the application deadlines (CLICK HERE).
University's Erasmus Mobility Office will be sending an Acceptance Letter to all Erasms nominated students hwo submitted completed application documents and whose learning agreement was signed by the host institution.

List of subjects taught in English
Bachelor level
Master level

Mobility requirements for incoming teaching staff
Incoming teaching staff should consult Erasmus-coordinator at their home institution in order to find out whether an Erasmus-agreement is signed with the University of Rijeka in the field of economics or business and which might include some exchange quota for teaching staff.

An inquiry must be sent to our International Office ( in order to check the availability of the incoming quota and the possibility of hosting an incoming Erasmus teacher under the proposed teaching assignment and the mobility period. 

When agreed, a teaching mobility plan/agreement should be sent to our international office ( for confirmation.

Application deadlines for incoming Erasmus students
10th June for winter semester or whole academic year
10th November for summer semester. 


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