Most successful participants of X-Culture project

Most successful participants of X-Culture project

The X-Culture project was held in the summer semester of academic year 2018/2019 on the Strategic management course (International Business programme).
This international project is designed to provide an opportunity for students to try out international viral cooperation. There were 4.799 students participating this semester from 148 universities in 70 different countries.
56 students from our Faculty joined in. Students worked in teams averaging six members from different parts of the world.

Working together in global virtual teams, students developed a business plan for one of a dozen companies included in X-Culture. For support in making these plans, students could participate in webinars, they had X-Culture coaches for help... X-Culture provides an opportunity for students to learn more about business, their history and products, as well as asking questions and getting feedback. The main goal of the project is not just making a business plan, but also learning to communicate in different time zones, respecting deadlines, managing international communication…

Every academic year, the directors vote on the teams with the best business plans. From 960 teams in this year, 40 were pronounced best.
We are especially proud that 7 students from the Faculty of Economics and Business are members of the winning teams. They are (according to team number):

•Antonio Piljan (team 35, client Bliive, Columbia)
•Ivona Prosen (team 43, client Laser Wall, Italy)
•Ivona Šimičić (team 44, client Adventure Addicted, Italy)
•Marko Furić (team 48, client Laser Wall, Italy)
•Matea Ivić (team 49, client Ultraspecialisti, Italy)
•Valentina Buršić (team 54, client Laser Wall, Italy)
•Deiana Gergova (team 416, client Packing SAS, Columbia)


These students developed the best business plans together with their team members, according to the directors of the companies. X-Culture will award them with certificates and an invite to the global X-Culture symposium that is held in Calgary, Canada this year.
We are exceptionally proud of our students that demonstrated great capabilities in handling multicultural cooperation and business problems.

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