Office for Students with Disabilities

Access to education at all levels under equal terms, without discrimination on any grounds, including disability, is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia. In order to ensure equal opportunities and study conditions for all students which allow for a quality and equally accessible education, the University of Rijeka has established the University Office for Students with Disabilities within the University Counseling Center. The Office is intended for all students who, due to an illness, disorder or disability, regardless of the established percentage of disability, experience permanent, temporary or episodic difficulties in carrying out their daily academic activities.

The office offers support to students with:
- Visual impairment
- Hearing impairment
- Mobility and physical impairment
- Multiple disabilities
- Chronic illnesses
- Learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia etc.) and
- Other health issues and impairments that might affect the course of their education. 

If you are a student with disabilities, please feel free to contact us if you:
Require information about your rights to: customized examination practices when taking the entrance exam and other exams throughout your studies; direct enrollment; exemption from study fees; direct placement at a student dorm; reimbursed transport expenses
Require peer support (a student-assistant)
Need information about the possibility of attaining a disability grant
Require specialized transport from your place of residence in Rijeka or its surrounding area to the faculty, and vice versa
Require digitalized or customized course literature
Require specialized equipment (manual scanners, desktop or manual electric magnifiers, Braille notebooks, small laptops with built-in voice units and screen readers, and the like)
Activities of the Office for Students with Disabilities include:

- informing current and potential students about their rights and possibilities for obtaining support and mediation in exercising their rights
- setting guidelines for providing necessary support in adjusting the academic environment to facilitate students’ needs
- providing support in the adjustment of teaching and examination according to the type of disability / difficulty
- providing individual support by organizing peer support (engagement of student assistants)
- adjusting coursework materials to meet individual student needs 
- collecting data on students with disabilities and developing a student database and mailing list
- providing support in the organization of specialized transportation for students with physical disabilities
- providing support in renting of specialized equipment
- informing and sensitizing the academic community about the challenges students with disabilities and other difficulties face during their studies (lectures, panel discussions, workshops ...)
- monitoring and improving the quality of studies for students with disabilities and other difficulties 

More information on the Office's work can be found at:

Stay informed

To receive news about our activities and events, as well as other useful information for students with disabilities, register your email address to the Office of Students with Disabilities mailing list.

Support to students with disabilities at EFRI

The Faculty continuously works towards adjusting to student needs, regardless of the need. With this in mind, the Faculty looks to modify the studying conditions to meet the needs of the students with disabilities. For example, classes for study groups in which there are students which have difficulty in moving around are organized in lecture halls on floors reachable by elevators; the students who have some motor or visual difficulties impeding them to take regular examination are given more time to write examinations, or have oral examinations instead of written. Moreover, the Faculty has removed architectural barriers to adjust the water closets to meet the needs of people with mobility impairments.

In case our students need adjustments regarding classes or examinations and have any issues related to their rights during studies, they may turn to the Faculty’s Coordinator for students with disabilities. 

The appointed Coordinator: 
Vesna Čučak
051/355 172

The medical practitioner appointed for students pursuing their studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Rijeka: 

Sandro Kresina , MD., spec. in school medicine
Kumičićeva 8, Rijeka,
+385 51 218 620


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