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Students, Alumni, Partners

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MBA EES community stands out for its prestige, expertise, enthusiasm and talent of hundreds of energy professionals who makes us what we are. You can join the elite energy-managerial hub in Europe. Take advantage of our business network, professional knowledge, students and alumni from different academic backgrounds and business sectors. Empower your career from the knowledge and professional network that MBA EES offers. 
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EIHP is a state-owned, non-profit scientific institution financed on a per-project basis through the execution of project development contracts won following international and national competitive biddings. It has 89 employees, of which 84 with higher education qualifications, 17 PhD. Development of the energy system and relations within require the acquisition of new knowledge and competences by all the actors in the energy sector and state administration, as well as the education of citizens. Education and provision of information is becoming the Institute’s increasingly significant activity, which requires the continuous professional training of our experts and their active participation in educating others. The Institute implements its mission in cooperation with numerous scientists and institutions from Croatian and abroad, and is taking over a leading role in energy development in the wider region and beyond. EIHP's areas of activity include:
- Strategic planning in the energy sector
- Development of electric-power, gas, petroleum and heating systems
- Market, legal framework and restructuring of the energy sector
- Energy efficiency
- Renewable energy sources, environmental and climate protection
- Energy audits and certification of buildings
- Energy balances and statistics
- In-service training and promotional activities
HEP Group is the Croatian national energy company, which has been dealing with generation, distribution and supply of electricity for more than a century. In the last few decades it has also been dealing with distribution and supply of heat energy and natural gas to customers. HEP is organized as a concern, a group of daughter companies. The parent company of HEP Group is HEP Inc., which carries out the function of corporate governance of HEP Group and guarantees conditions for safe and reliable electricity supply to customers. Within HEP Group subsidiary companies (managing, accounting, legal), which conduct regulated activities (transmission and distribution) are clearly separated from companies which conduct non-regulated activities (generation and supply). Croatian transmission system operator (HOPS) has been unbundled from HEP Group, according to ITO model (Independent Transmission Operator). 
CIGRÉ is an abbreviation of the Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques also known as International Council for Large Power Systems.CIGRÉ is a professional association with headquarters in Paris, France and has members on all five continents.Its activities cover the issues of power systems and their components ie CIGRÉ deals with the development, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants and their elements. 

JADRANSKI NAFTOVOD (JANAF Plc.), with its registered office in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, is managing an oil pipeline and storage system as a modern, efficacious and cost-efficient system of transportation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products.

By constructing and putting into operation the oil pipeline and storage system (1979) JANAF has become a strategically significant factor of supply security of the refineries in six countries of South Eastern and Central Europe, and today, is recognized as the EU strategic oil pipeline, through the project of common interest (PCI), entitled JANAF-Adria Pipelines. Besides crude oil transportation, JANAF’s core business includes storage of crude oil and petroleum products.


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