Students & Alumni testimonials

Students & Alumni testimonials

Matthew Sumner, PhD, MBA, Master Mariner, HÖEGH LNG, USA

"Interdisciplinarity, expertise and organization are just some of the determinants of MBA program - Energy Economics. In particular, I would like to emphasize the high competence of the lecturers as recognized experts in their fields, their dedication and efforts to transfer the essential and crucial knowledge to students, as well as the synergy of the techno-economic knowledge of the world energy market. Since I also have an MBA from Harvard, due to its quality, organization and individual approach, I can rank this MBA program as one of the best MBA programs currently in the market."

Ivana Grgurev, MBA, Senior Consultant, Deloitte, Croatia
"This MBA study has greatly exceeded my expectations. It has provided a hardworking, but at the same time a relaxed atmosphere, with priceless theoretical and practical knowledge, which is important for my career.I was thrilled with the use of interactivity throughout the study program. The lecturers showed superior professional and pedagogical knowledge, encouraging mutual communication and exchanging experiences, ideas and opinions."
Boris Borčić, MBA, Energopetrol, Holdina, CFO, Bosnia and Herzegovina
"At the time when the business environment is becoming more complex and more dynamic, it is increasingly important to continually work on oneself and constantly educate ourselves to remain competitive in the market. What is also important is to spread one’s knowledge in multiple directions and professions, and this MBA program offers exactly that. The concept of interdisciplinarity is the greatest asset, along with a high quality program and professional lecturers offering deep insight into economics and energy, making this MBA program unique in the region. It offers the opportunity to meet and share experiences with other students, which usually leads to new business opportunities. Completion of the MBA program does not stop the activities because the study heads are committed to maintaining the ALUMNI community, which gives great value added to the program itself."
 Fidan Kuraja, USAID REPOWER project, M&E Specialist, AECOM, Kosovo
"The MBA program - Energy Economics really does encompass all the aspects of the energy sector. Personally I have a project finance background which I managed to blend well with the knowledge received during the studies. The lectures/workshops transfer the knowledge really well, the topics are well structured and backed by facts. I strongly believe that anyone, whatever their background, can easily tune in the studies because the lecturers, especially the introductory courses, explain the content in a way that is familiar to anyone. The classes are always in tune with current global events and often natural discussions happen during the lectures and the lecturers manage the discussions excellently, making sure that the message is transferred across clearly. I fully recommend the MBA Energy Economics program where the professional growth is practically guaranteed."
Saša Dujmić, MBA, HEP, Member of Management Board, Croatia
"MBA Energy Economics programme helped me to extend my skills and knowledge which was essential for performing my responsibilities in HEP Group. I have to emphasize the innovative approach that the Head of the study program and all lecturers have. They enabled students to acquire skills and new knowledge through interaction in an collegial atmosphere. Also, I made great connections and meet new people who can help me in my future work.  I will definitely recommend this study program to others. Except for the gained skills and knowledge our networking and informal meetings were the things that really added a true value to this unique study programme."
Tihana Colić, CEO of Gradska plinara Zagreb (GPZ), Croatia
"An ideal place to connect economics and energy, theory and practice, learning and socializing.In addition to the exceptionally professional approach from the heads of the MBA program, there is a great number of energy sector experts as guest speakers who pass their knowledge and experiences to the participants through engaging activities in a pleasant working / social atmosphere.Lectures take place in a pleasant interactive atmosphere, topics are always tailored to current global as well as local events.As part of the study program, there are also visits to energy institutions, plants and project sites as well as informal gatherings which I consider to be extremely important because of the networking of students from different generations and sectors as well as the exchange of ideas and experiences.I would recommend the study to others in order to improve their knowledge and skills and to gain a global perspective and insight into their position in the energy chain."
Ivan Majstorovic, JP Elektroprivreda HZHB Inc. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
"MBA Energy Economics is an exceptionally well-organized study program covering a wide range of knowledge in the field of energy economics. Lecturers are experts at their fields, very accessible and encourage discussion of participants during the lectures. The study consists of a group of compulsory and elective courses chosen by the students according to their own professional interests and the direction in which they want to improve their knowledge and careers. The informal social gathering allows for additional networking and cooperation, as well as the ability to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend this MBA study to anyone who has a desire to develop their careers in the energy sector."
Ratimir Orešković, PSP, President of Management Board, previously member of PLINACRO Management Board, Croatia
"My motivation to start studying again was this interesting concept of the MBA Energy Economics. Excellent combination of core and elective courses helped me extend my understanding and knowledge in finance and economics, which is missing for people in technical professions who are in managerial positions. Academics and business experts are chosen by proficiency criteria and cooperate fantastically with the students. Colleagues you meet and friendships you make are truly something special. Colleagues were interested in lectures and we all continually interacted with the lecturers. Altogether, great recommend for those who wish to achieve improve their careers in the field of energy economics.

Danijel Ilić, HEP-ODS, CEO Elektroslavonija Osijek, President of Supervisory Board HEP Gas, Croatia
"MBA programme - Energy Economics, opened for me new perspectives on energy sector through the lenses of economics. I am leading a company whose primary activity is distribution and supply of electrical energy in Slavonia and Baranja region. The programme has helped me a lot in piecing together a larger picture of energy industry in our region, Europe and the world as a whole. Current development of global economy is impossible without energy sector development, smart and interconnected electrical lines, gas and oil corridors and new production capacities which support these. Lectures and workshops are dynamic, interactive and interesting. Relaxed atmosphere, free and open communication during classes allows the students to participate in lectures and express their views and experiences. I recommend this MBA programme for all those who would like to learn how the energy sector works through the eyes of economists, finance people and managers."

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