Student's review

Student's review

„I absolutely recommend the EFRI Summer School to everyone looking for an adventure abroad. It is a nice opportunity to enlarge your personal world-view by getting in touch with different nationalities and cultures."
Christophe from Belgium

„Our summer school program was really filled with lectures, workshop preparations, excursions. Nevertheless, we had time for communication, information exchange and some parties with our new friends from different countries. I suppose that it was a great experience in my life. Thank you the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka (EFRI) for organizing this summer school!"
Oxana from Russia


„Following the EFRI Summer School program was a great international experience. We discussed interesting topics, visited attractive companies and saw some beautiful places. During the process, I met new people and I got to discover different points of view of people from all over the world. I would recommend the EFRI summer school to every student."
Siebe from Belgium 


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