Transfer from the foreign university

1. Inform yourself about the transfer possibility and costs (fees, deposits, health insurance costs, accommodation and subsistence costs etc.) at
2. If eligible and ready to apply for the transfer, send the following application documents:
- Your written and signed Transfer Request Letter (in English) 
- Transcript of Records (in English)
- Proof of your current student status (enrolment certificate from the foreign university ) - in English
- Syllabus (official program description of every course passed at the foreign university) – in English
- A passport copy
3. Waiting the Faculty’s Recognition Committee for their decision on recognized study periods abroad and remained courses and credits to be enrolled at EFRI.
4. Payment and enrolment into the new academic year according to course list (remained courses) from the Faculty’s Recognition Committee decision.
5. Start of the new academic year in October.

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