Workshop “Event organization"

Workshop “Event organization

Surely, up until now, you have at least once taken part in a workshop, convention, conference, show, concert or some other event.

Are you aware of the background and the steps which had to precede in order for you to become a part of it?


This workshop is related to this topic. You will be shown what are the factors leading to a(n) (un)successful event, as well as which resources you need in order to develop and implement one such "product" into action. You will also be given the guidelines for organizing your own event.


Workshop contents:

-          A theoretical aspect of the event organization

-          Key steps in organizing

o   Defining goals

o   Designing a concept

o   Planning

o   Organization

-          Time management in the organization of events

-          The importance of teamwork

-          Which other elements affect the organization of the event?

-          Failure... no such thing!

-          Practical examples

-          Practical tasks


Upon the completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

-          define and explain key elements in the organization of events

-          plan their own event, with the support of a mentor



The worshop will be held on November 19th, at 1 PM (Multipurpouse room 2/Anex Hall).


Participation is free, with prior registration HERE.


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