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How to do a literature search?

The library of the Faculty of Economics and Business was founded in 1962 as a special organizational unit within the Faculty. It is located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Ivana Filipovića 4, and it occupies a space of 290 m2. The library space includes a reading room with 32 workstations, a lending department, two office rooms and storage rooms for books, magazines and other materials. The library users are students, teaching staff and anyone interested in scientific and professional work.
The book fund includes textbooks, manuals and other professional and scientific literature required for studying economics, encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries, domestic and foreign professional and scientific journals. During a year, the library receives about a hundred titles of domestic and foreign periodicals. The library fund continues to grow, and at the moment, it is close to the number of 50,000 monograph publications. The majority of the library fund is financed by the Faculty and the other part is received in the form of gifts and exchanges. The basic task of the library is to procure, to process, to lend, to protect and to maintain the library material, and to make it available to the users.

The library material has been digitally processed with the help of the CROLIST program since 1995. The library is networked and is a part of the Integrated Library Automation System CROLIST, so the users have access to online catalogs and the ability to search through funds –  both our fund, as well as the funds of other networked libraries. The Crolist network includes around twenty academic libraries. All online catalogs at the University are searched in the same way.
Library users can also search the library fund via CROLIST online catalog 

There are nine computers in the reading room and in the IT reading room, which can be used by the students in order to search the library fund.
Information on the library services and funds, borrowing and searching literature can be found in the presentation How to do a literature search.

In addition to the fund, library users can also use online databases from different fields of science (e.g. EBSCO databases, DOAJ, DOAR, WOS, SCOPUS, JSTOR and others). The information about the databases available at the University of Rijeka can be found here.

Discovery service of the University of Rijeka

The Discovery service of the University of Rijeka enables a simultaneous search of the Collective Catalog of the University and related local catalogs of the University libraries, the subscribed databases available to the University of Rijeka, the web portal of scientific journals of Croatia – HRČAK and other chosen scientific sources on free access on the Internet. Search instructions are available here.


The library daily provides the users with the help and education related to using all kinds of available information sources. When necessary, education on information sources and database search methods is organized: group sessions – on the first Thursday of every month from 3:00 to 4:00pm and individually as arranged.
To participate in the Workshops, you can apply to the librarian or via e-mail:

Interlibrary loan

For the needs of the users, the library performs the services of interlibrary loan of professional books and magazines, the purchase of photocopies of articles from Croatian libraries and abroad, as well as the exchange of information, with the aim of quicker access to professional and scientific information.


The library's vision is to provide its users with fast and easy access to all kinds of information on a variety of media. The library is constantly adjusting its affairs to new information technologies in order to address the challenges that the library and library staff are expecting more rationally and more effectively.


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